Manufacturing Capacities

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    Trendy bags with matchless quality!

    ScooBee Day, Dezire, and TraWellDay are the three most sought after brands of Kitex, as they offer a wide array of ergonomic, exclusive, and made-to-order school bags, travel bags, trolley bags, sports bags, laptop bags, and backpacks made from highly durable polyester, nylon, PVC, denim, bull denim, canvas, and imitation leather. Kitex is an ISO 9001-2008 certified organisation, and the only ISI certified school bag manufacturer in India, with more than 40 years of collective experience in designing, manufacturing, and exporting bespoke bags for a wide variety of customers across the world. Kitex bags are highly acclaimed for their supreme comfort, colourfastness, and perfect finish. All our products are faultlessly made to meet the quality standards as per the globally accepted guidelines in bag manufacturing.

    At Kitex, we always make sure to employ the right combination of comfort and functionality, together with the use of excellent raw materials, designs, and colours, to produce a first class range of bags that promise quality as well as a healthy posture.

  • Selection of raw materials:

    Quality is maintained right from the sourcing of raw materials!

    Our bags and backpacks are professionally designed and skilfully manufactured with the help of high quality raw materials and latest technologies, thus making them highly durable and long lasting. A number of QC-checks are performed on the chosen raw materials, to best assure their quality and durability. Here are some of the key factors that we take-in-to-account during the QC checks:

    Kitex backpack
  • Flawless manufacturing:

    State-of-the-art production units to manufacture more than 1.5 lakh bags/month!
    Diligent, inspiring & dedicated teams of experienced professionals!
    Capable of delivering bulk orders at swift pace!

    Kitex bag manufacturing
    • All the raw materials that we receive at our inward stores are subjected to multiple steps of checking and verification to best assure top quality as per global standards.
    • Once the quality checking done, the QC cleared raw materials will be shifted safely to the manufacturing centre.
    • We are equipped with 300 latest stitching machines and superior in-house infrastructure to ensure world-class production quality and on time delivery of finished products.
    • After the completion of stitching, our products go through rigorous quality checking processes, managed by trained QC experts.
    • ‘OK’ tags are attached to bags that comply with our rigid quality standards. Afterwards the bags are taken packing, stocking, and later to our marketing units.
    • Each bag is packed in separate polyethylene covers.
    • Bags that don’t meet our quality parameters will be separated for rejection.
  • Quality Analysis:

    100% inline and end line Quality Inspections throughout various stages of production.
    Multi-level QA Checks during finishing and packing.

    We follow a meticulous 3-step inspection method to maximize the quality standards:
    • Pre production inspection
    • Help us avoid the potential setbacks
    • Help us identify the probable manufacturing problems that may arise due to faulty and inappropriate raw materials.
    • Mid -Production Inspection
    • Help ensure that the quality of goods, throughout the entire production cycle.
    • Final Inspection
    • 100% inspection prior to completion confirms final quantity and quality.
    • Quality tests for finished products
    • Drop test
    • Handle snatch test
    • Jerking test
    • Dimension, stitching and finishing
    TraWellDay bags

    Our specialities:
    • We can manufacture almost 10 different styles of bags at
      a time
    • Fully automated cutting and sewing machines to help manufacture top quality bags
    • Unique stitching patterns using strong spun polyester threads
    • Testing labs with advanced testing machines, to assure the quality of our bags
    • Quality zip and zip guard to prevent water leaking into your bag
    • Secret pockets to help you keep things safe and protected.
    • Our bags are available in different varieties and colour
    • No matter whether you need Small, Medium, Large, or XL sized bags, we have them all for you at unbeatable prices Kitex bags are flawlessly designed in all the globally accepted sizes and shapes to custom fit your needs. Hence, you don’t have to keep worrying about finding a bag that matches with your height and body size.
    • Our bags have been carefully engineered with pockets and quick access pouches that best match your lifestyle and convenience.
    • Protect your spine with a balanced load: We don’t overlook how importance load balance is. An evenly distributed load is very essential to protect the muscles of your spine, especially when you carry an average load of 4-5 kilos each day. Hence all our bags are ideally designed with customized polyform soft paddings and acupressure buds, along with uniformly stitched pockets, to help you perfectly balance the load on both sides